HW5P1premixEQR080 - /Equivalence Ratio = 0.8 I X(CM) T(K)...

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/Equivalence Ratio = 0.8 I X(CM) T(K) V(CM/s) RHO(G/CM3) H2 H O2 O OH HO2 H2O2 1 .0000 3.737E+02 4.928E+01 8.117E-04 1.123E-01 1.044E-04 1.459E-01 5.057E-05 2.859E-04 4.291E-04 5.779E-04 2 .0006 4.147E+02 5.462E+01 7.323E-04 1.087E-01 1.059E-04 1.434E-01 5.326E-05 3.015E-04 4.648E-04 6.263E-04 3 .0012 4.541E+02 5.976E+01 6.694E-04 1.052E-01 1.351E-04 1.410E-01 5.966E-05 3.486E-04 4.684E-04 6.367E-04 4 .0018 4.923E+02 6.472E+01 6.180E-04 1.019E-01 1.864E-04 1.386E-01 6.924E-05 4.077E-04 4.564E-04 6.265E-04 5 .0023 5.293E+02 6.953E+01 5.753E-04 9.872E-02 2.576E-04 1.362E-01 8.170E-05 4.687E-04 4.351E-04 6.045E-04 6 .0035 5.999E+02 7.871E+01 5.082E-04 9.258E-02 4.549E-04 1.315E-01 1.146E-04 5.780E-04 3.776E-04 5.410E-04 7 .0047 6.660E+02 8.729E+01 4.582E-04 8.678E-02 7.155E-04 1.268E-01 1.580E-04 6.541E-04 3.195E-04 4.733E-04 8 .0059 7.277E+02 9.530E+01 4.197E-04 8.128E-02 1.027E-03 1.223E-01 2.136E-04 7.024E-04 2.697E-04 4.100E-04 9 .0070 7.852E+02 1.027E+02 3.893E-04 7.604E-02 1.378E-03 1.178E-01 2.840E-04 7.365E-04 2.297E-04 3.535E-04 10 .0094 8.890E+02 1.162E+02 3.442E-04 6.625E-02 2.166E-03 1.091E-01 4.760E-04 8.033E-04 1.737E-04 2.615E-04 11 .0117 9.796E+02 1.280E+02 3.126E-04 5.730E-02 3.007E-03 1.007E-01 7.394E-04 9.194E-04 1.374E-04 1.919E-04 12 .0141 1.059E+03 1.382E+02 2.893E-04 4.918E-02 3.842E-03 9.266E-02 1.056E-03 1.110E-03 1.123E-04 1.398E-04 13 .0164 1.128E+03 1.472E+02 2.717E-04 4.189E-02 4.614E-03 8.518E-02 1.394E-03 1.379E-03 9.409E-05 1.017E-04 14 .0187 1.188E+03 1.551E+02 2.580E-04 3.548E-02 5.270E-03 7.838E-02 1.721E-03 1.716E-03 8.032E-05 7.451E-05 15 .0234
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HW5P1premixEQR080 - /Equivalence Ratio = 0.8 I X(CM) T(K)...

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