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KEYWORD INPUT BURN ENRG TIME 100 1.00E-06 NPTS 6 XEND 3 XCEN 1.5 WMIX 10 PRES 1.0 /TFIX 400 FLRT 4.0E-02 GRAD 0.2 CURV 0.5 MOLE /Equivalence Ratio = 1.0 REAC O2 0.148 REAC N2 0.556 REAC H2 0.296 / PROD H2O 0.22 PROD N2 0.58 PROD H2 0.15 PROD H 0.01 PROD O 0.02 PROD OH 0.02 / INTM H2O2 0.00001 INTM HO2 0.001 INTM H2 0.01 / ATOL 1.00E-10 RTOL 1.00E-04 / ATIM 1.00E-05 RTIM 1.00E-05 / TWOPNT: FINAL SOLUTION: I X(CM) T(K) V(CM/S) RHO(G/CM3) H2 H O2 O OH HO2 H2O2 1 .0000 3.737E+02 5.091E+01 7.857E-04 1.285E-01 2.480E-04 1.260E-01 7.706E-05 5.050E-04 5.608E-04 1.004E-03 2 .0003 4.033E+02 5.491E+01 7.285E-04 1.262E-01 2.498E-04 1.241E-01 7.917E-05 5.190E-04 5.847E-04 1.047E-03 3 .0006 4.313E+02 5.870E+01 6.814E-04 1.240E-01 2.732E-04 1.224E-01 8.336E-05 5.584E-04 5.828E-04 1.056E-03 4 .0009 4.581E+02 6.232E+01 6.418E-04 1.219E-01 3.132E-04 1.206E-01 8.923E-05 6.066E-04 5.676E-04 1.047E-03 5 .0012 4.839E+02 6.580E+01 6.079E-04 1.198E-01 3.671E-04 1.190E-01 9.649E-05 6.561E-04 5.453E-04 1.026E-03 6 .0018 5.327E+02 7.239E+01 5.526E-04 1.159E-01 5.106E-04 1.157E-01 1.144E-04 7.479E-04 4.903E-04 9.647E-04 7 .0023 5.783E+02 7.854E+01 5.093E-04 1.121E-01 6.922E-04 1.125E-01 1.358E-04 8.173E-04 4.342E-04 8.948E-04 8 .0035 6.615E+02 8.976E+01 4.456E-04 1.049E-01 1.147E-03 1.065E-01 1.869E-04 8.880E-04 3.358E-04 7.538E-04 9 .0047 7.357E+02 9.975E+01 4.010E-04 9.829E-02 1.682E-03 1.008E-01 2.497E-04 9.008E-04 2.643E-04 6.322E-04 10 .0059 8.024E+02 1.087E+02 3.679E-04 9.207E-02 2.268E-03 9.527E-02 3.271E-04 8.939E-04 2.139E-04 5.307E-04 11 .0070 8.626E+02 1.168E+02 3.424E-04 8.622E-02 2.886E-03 8.999E-02 4.215E-04 8.914E-04 1.776E-04 4.461E-04
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12 .0094 9.672E+02 1.309E+02 3.055E-04 7.543E-02 4.179E-03 7.995E-02 6.607E-04 9.395E-04 1.303E-04
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