HW5P1premixEQR125 - /Equivalence Ratio = 1.25 I X(CM) T(K)...

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/Equivalence Ratio = 1.25 I X(CM) T(K) V(CM/S) RHO(G/CM3) H2 H O2 O OH HO2 H2O2 1 .0000 3.737E+02 5.391E+01 7.420E-04 1.717E-01 4.412E-04 1.079E-01 8.484E-05 6.621E-04 6.301E-04 1.427E-03 2 .0001 3.913E+02 5.644E+01 7.088E-04 1.705E-01 4.429E-04 1.068E-01 8.603E-05 6.716E-04 6.439E-04 1.459E-03 3 .0003 4.082E+02 5.886E+01 6.796E-04 1.692E-01 4.555E-04 1.057E-01 8.788E-05 6.941E-04 6.447E-04 1.472E-03 4 .0004 4.244E+02 6.119E+01 6.537E-04 1.681E-01 4.771E-04 1.046E-01 9.028E-05 7.227E-04 6.373E-04 1.473E-03 5 .0006 4.401E+02 6.345E+01 6.305E-04 1.669E-01 5.065E-04 1.036E-01 9.312E-05 7.536E-04 6.245E-04 1.466E-03 6 .0009 4.701E+02 6.775E+01 5.904E-04 1.646E-01 5.854E-04 1.016E-01 9.996E-05 8.155E-04 5.889E-04 1.433E-03 7 .0012 4.985E+02 7.182E+01 5.569E-04 1.624E-01 6.857E-04 9.967E-02 1.078E-04 8.692E-04 5.486E-04 1.389E-03 8 .0018 5.512E+02 7.938E+01 5.039E-04 1.583E-01 9.388E-04 9.600E-02 1.257E-04 9.434E-04 4.664E-04 1.281E-03 9 .0023 5.993E+02 8.628E+01 4.636E-04 1.543E-01 1.242E-03 9.251E-02 1.448E-04 9.742E-04 3.947E-04 1.173E-03 10 .0035 6.847E+02 9.851E+01 4.061E-04 1.469E-01 1.952E-03 8.598E-02 1.855E-04 9.454E-04 2.886E-04 9.786E-04 11 .0047 7.586E+02 1.091E+02 3.667E-04 1.402E-01 2.736E-03 7.991E-02 2.325E-04 8.777E-04 2.202E-04 8.207E-04 12 .0070 8.807E+02 1.266E+02 3.160E-04 1.280E-01 4.426E-03 6.880E-02 3.549E-04 7.681E-04 1.444E-04 5.896E-04 13 .0094 9.786E+02 1.406E+02 2.844E-04 1.173E-01 6.156E-03 5.875E-02 5.097E-04 7.426E-04 1.031E-04 4.250E-04 14 .0117 1.058E+03 1.521E+02 2.629E-04 1.078E-01 7.851E-03 4.964E-02 6.652E-04 7.869E-04 7.705E-05 3.042E-04 15 .0141 1.124E+03 1.616E+02 2.475E-04 9.937E-02 9.438E-03
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course ME 525 taught by Professor Lucth during the Fall '11 term at Purdue University.

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HW5P1premixEQR125 - /Equivalence Ratio = 1.25 I X(CM) T(K)...

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