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1 ME 525 Homework #6 Due Thursday, April 28, 2011 Prof. Lucht (E-mail address: [email protected] ) (Note: There are six problems on this homework assignment.) 1. Consider a jet diffusion flame with ethylene (C 2 H 4 ) as the fuel issuing into still air. The nozzle diameter is 10 mm and the initial jet velocity of the ethylene is 5 mm/sec. The pressure is 1 bar and both the ethylene and the surrounding air are initially at 300 K. The viscosity of ethylene is 102.3x10 -7 N-sec/m 2 at 300 K. Assume that the mixture fraction as a function of position in the flame can be determined using the non-reacting jet solution from Turns. Use the adiabatic equilibrium code HPFLAME to determine state functions for temperature and the mole fractions of O 2 , CO 2 , and CO as a function of mixture fraction f . Plot the temperature, the mole fractions, mixture fraction, and axial and radial velocities as a function of radius at the jet half- height L f /2, where f L is the axial distance from the nozzle at which the mixture fraction drops to its stoichiometric value. Answer:  2 2 0.128 ,, 2 1 216 f L fx r f r r       , 0.0638 stoich f 2. Use Roper's correlation to calculate the laminar flame lengths for the following fuel mixture
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HW6ME525SP2011 - 1 ME 525 Homework#6 Due Thursday Prof...

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