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ME 525 Example Problem: Flame Structure from Nonreacting Jet Solution A jet of 30 mole% hydrogen and 70 mole% argon issues into quiescent air. Assume that the mixture fraction field f(x,r) can be determined accurately from the isothermal, nonreacting laminar jet solution. Along the flame centerline,  v 3 ,0 Re Re 8 ee jj R R fx w h e r e x  The jet exit temperature is 298 K, the jet tube radius is 5 mm, the jet velocity is uniform at the
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Unformatted text preview: exit and equal to 5 m/s, and the viscosity is equal to 2x10-5 kg/(m-s) for both the air and the jet fluid. (a) Calculate the laminar jet flame length L f . (Answer: L f = 4.65 m) (b) Develop an equation relating , f , and f stoich . Then calculate the flame equivalence ratio at x = 2 L f . (Answer: = 0.295)...
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