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1 Premixed Turbulent Flame Example Problem ME 525 SP 2011 Prof. Lucht (E-mail address: A turbulent premixed flame is stabilized in a diverging rectangular channel. The channel height  0 () 1 2/ hx h x L    , the channel length 4 Lm , and the channel width w is constant. The incoming flow has a low turbulence level but a turbulence generating grid is placed very close to the inlet. The turbulence grid induces significant turbulent fluctuations, v 0.25 v rms , and the ratio of the rms velocity fluctuation to the mean velocity, v/ v rms , remains constant downstream of the grid. The laminar flame speed is given by 2 0.34 1.4 1.08 / sec L Sm  for propane-air mixtures, and the turbulent flame speed is given by 5.3 v TL L r m s SS S . (a) For a stoichiometric mixture of propane and air with a uniform inlet velocity of 2 m/sec, what is the distance f x from the inlet at which the turbulent flame stabilizes? The initial temperature of the mixture is 298 K and the pressure is constant at 1 atm.
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course ME 525 taught by Professor Lucth during the Fall '11 term at Purdue University-West Lafayette.

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PremixedTurbulentFlameEPSolnME525SP2011 - 1 Premixed...

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