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1 ME 560: Kinematics Name of Student___________________________ Fall Semester 2010 Project No. 1. Due in lecture on Friday, December 10th. Design and build a working model of a planar mechanism with a mobility of one. Try to be creative and the mechanism must not be one found in Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Fourth Edition, Uicker, J.J., Jr., Pennock, G.R., and Shigley, J.E. Oxford University Press, Inc., 2011. Include a brief a brief written report explaining the purpose of the mechanism. The approved list of materials and the non-approved list of materials for the model are: Approved Materials for Construction Non-Approved Materials Wood Balsa Wood
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Unformatted text preview: Rigid Plastic Flexible Plastic Foam core Cardboard Metal Paper Approved Fasteners for Assembly Non-Approved Fasteners for Assembly Nuts and Bolts Paper Clips Fasteners used to bind theses Pins or Nails Screws Glue Care must be devoted to the joints connecting the rigid links of your model to ensure that the desired motion is possible. Also, your model must be durable (i.e., the model should have an operating life of at least six months). The project will be graded on the basis of mechanism creativity, presentation of the model (visual appearance), smooth operation, and a brief written report explaining some practical applications of the mechanism....
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