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ME 560 Kinematics Name of Student_______________________________ Fall Semester 2010 Project No. 2. Due in lecture on Wednesday, October 6th. Given a planar four-bar linkage with the following link dimensions: O A 2 inches, A B 3 inches, O B 2.5 inches, and O O 4 inches. 24 2 4 == = = Part (I). Is this a Grashof four-bar linkage or a non-Grashof four-bar linkage? Part (II). Choose a suitable scale for the four-bar linkage and draw the fixed centrode (or polode) and the moving centrode (or polode) for the motion of the coupler link AB (which can be denoted as link 3). Use the open configuration, and clearly reference the fixed and the moving centrodes on your drawing. The recommended procedure is to first draw the four-bar linkage and the polodes by pencil on engineering paper, as accurately as possible and to a good scale. Then use a computer graphics package to generate the four-bar linkage and the polodes. Note that the fixed centrode (or polode) is the path traced by the instant center I 13 (or I 31
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