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Homework6_2010 - ME 562 Advanced Dynamics Summer 2010...

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ME 562 Advanced Dynamics Summer 2010 HOMEWORK # 6 Due: July 23, 2010 Q1. Two wheels, each of mass m , are connected by a massless axle of length l . Each wheel is considered to have its mass concentrated as a particle at its hub. The wheels roll without slipping on a horizontal plane. The hub of wheel A is attached by a spring of stiffness k and unstressed length l to a fixed point O. Use r , , and as generalized coordinates. Then, find: (a) the constraints satisfied by these three variables; (b) the relationships between the virtual displacements in the three variables; (c) if the constraints are holonomic or non-holonomic. (see Problem 6-25 in the text for a figure). Q2. (see Problem 6-7 in the text for a figure). A double pendulum consists of two massless rods of length l and two particles of mass m which can move in the vertical plane. Assume frictionless joints and define the configuration of the system using the coordinates and . Recall that the system is in the vertical plane.
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