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1 ME 562 Advanced Dynamics Summer 2010 Take-Home Midterm Examination Due July 12, 2010 Honor Code: This is an open-book and open-notes examination. The students can make use of the textbook and class notes. They can also use the provided solutions of home works. They cannot use any other book on Dynamics, or notes generated from other books. The students cannot consult with each other or a person other than the instructor. Asking questions/clarifications from the instructor is completely acceptable, and even encouraged. The students should make sure that there is no ambiguity in their understanding of the questions. Also, the work must be clearly presented with all coordinate systems, reference frames, constraints, laws of motion, etc. clearly stated. Q1. A single propeller airplane flies with a constant speed v in a level turn to the left at a constant radius R . The propeller is of radius r and rotates about its axis in a clockwise direction (as viewed from the rear) with a constant angular velocity
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Midterm_TakeHome_Summer_2010 - ME 562 Advanced Dynamics...

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