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FALL 2009 MAS 3114 MATLAB PROJECTS POLICY In order to receive full credit for MATLAB computer projects, the following two actions are required: 1. By the indicated deadline, submit a written report that contains: (a) The printouts of the commented MATLAB code (each comment line starts with %) and the MATLAB session that includes the sequence of your input commands and the corresponding MATLAB output. The comments should be sufficient to describe your code. (b) Description of the errors/bugs in your code if it is not running properly (if unsure of the errors, state that as well). If you think the code is running properly, simply state so. If the code is not running properly, describing the errors is the only way to get partial credit. If you claim that the code is running properly, and it fails to do so when
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Unformatted text preview: I run it, no credit will be given. 2. Send an e-mail message with your MATLAB code attached as a plain (ASCII) text file with the subject line “[Your Name] Project [Project Number]” (e.g., John Q Public Project 1) to [email protected] . If the project consists of several parts, each part must be included as a separate file and titled accordingly. Do not: (a) Send multiple codes for the same part of the project; (b) Send any codes other than the assigned ones; (c) Attach files in any format other than plain text. Failing to follow (a-c) will disqualify the entire project. No late submissions will be accepted except in documented cases of medical emergency....
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