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Unformatted text preview: MAS 3114: Computational Linear Algebra Fall 2011 Instructor: Kevin Keating Office: Little 482 Telephone: 392–0281, Ext. 266 E-mail: [email protected] Web Page: Office hours: Mondays 6th and 8th periods, Wednesdays 8th period, or by appointment Class meets in Little 113, MWF 4:05–4:55 Textbook Linear Algebra and its Applications (Fourth Edition) by David C. Lay Syllabus This is a first course in linear algebra which emphasizes the applied and numerical aspects of the subject. Some of the topics we will cover are linear equations, matrices, determinants, linear transformations, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, inner products, and numerical methods. Homework Homework problems will be assigned but not collected. However, some exam problems will be similar to the homework problems, so of course you should do the recommended homework. Computer projects Several computer projects based on the MATLAB package will be assigned during the semester. Knowledge of a scientific programming language is a prerequisite for MAS 3114—I will not be teaching you how to program in this course. Exams Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, September 23, in class October 21, in class November 18, in class December 16, 12:30–2:30 PM (final) Grading Each in-class exam is worth 20% of your final grade, the final is worth 40%, and the computer projects are worth a total of 20%. I will drop your lowest in-class exam score (or half of your final exam) to make the total add up to 100%. ...
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