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BioG1780 Fall 2010 Evolution and Biodiversity Today’s lecturer: Kelly Zamudio Lecture 4: Sept 1, 2010 Natural Selection Leaving a legacy is a life’s work This lecture links to Ch. 3 pages 72-96 in our textbook. Although not covered here, you may be interested in evidence for natural selection that is raised in response to the hypothesis of ‘intelligent design’, found on pages 97-105 in the text. 1. Introduction to natural selection • Natural selection is a mechanism for evolution 2. Populations & Resources Thomas Malthus (1798) Essay on the Principles of Population Food supply increases linearly, population exponentially Population quickly outstrips resources 3. Natural Selection: Four Postulates [cartoons by Gary Larson] • Individuals within a species are variable • Some of these variations are passed on to offspring (are heritable ). • More offspring are produced than can survive and reproduce. Among those that do reproduce, some leave more offspring than others.
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