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BUSI1002I course outline

BUSI1002I course outline - The University of Hong Kong...

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The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Business and Economics School of Business Course Syllabus and Outline BUSI 1002HIJ Introduction to Accounting Semester I, 2011/2012 I. COURSE INFORMATION Course Name: Introduction to accounting Prerequisite: Nil Textbook: John J. Wild Ken W. Shaw Barbara, Principles of Financial Accounting, 19 th edition, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Workbook of the group final project: BUSINESS AND ACCOUNTING ESSENTIALS: A MCDONALD’S E-LEARNING PROJECT 1 st edition Students can purchase the workbook online: http://www.appliedaccountinganalytics.com Instructor: Dr. Chunlin Mao Email: [email protected] Tel: 2857-8345 Office: 722, Meng Wah Complex Lecture Time and Classrooms BUSI1002H Monday 10:30-12:25 KKLG(K.K. Leung) 102 BUSI1002H Wednesday 10:30-11:25 KB(Knowles Building)111 BUSI1002I Wednesday 11:30-12:25 KB(Knowles Building)111 BUSI1002I Friday 10:30-12:25 KKLG(K.K.Leung) 102 BUSI1002J Monday 16:00-16:55 KB(Knowles Building)223 BUSI1002J Friday 15:00-16:55 KB(Knowles Building)223 Tutor: BUSI1002_H: Carol Kwok Office: 601B, Meng Wah Complex Phone: 2219-4470 Email:   [email protected] BUSI1002_I J: Cassandra Ho Office: 601B, Meng Wah Complex Phone: 2241-5244 Email: [email protected] II. COURSE DESCRIPTIONS The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the concepts of financial accounting and its underlying assumptions. This introductory accounting course assumes no prior academic knowledge of accounting and is designed for both accounting and non-accounting majors. We will discuss how to prepare and how to use financial statements. We will also talk about the limitations of financial statements. The presentation will consist of moderately technical expositions of concepts and material. Throughout the course we will illustrate applications of accounting principles with real examples. 1
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III. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. Provide students with basic concepts and principles of financial accounting; 2. Help students comprehend the framework of accounting theory, the basic accounting cycle, and financial statement preparation; 3. Develop students’ ability to use financial accounting information in different decision-making scenarios; 4. Summarize the basic nature of the accounting profession; 5. Develop students’ awareness of ethical issues in financial reporting. IV. ASSESSMENT TASKS/ACTIVITIES (ATs) Attendance, assignments and in-class participation 10% Small case analysis 10% Term tests 20% Group project 10% Final examination 50% Total 100% Attendance and Assignments and in-class participation (10%) Students are expected to attend and participate actively in lectures. Participation is evaluated per student by the instructor. Students are also required to complete selected assignments before tutorials. Assignments will be collected and graded by the tutor. The purpose of tutorial is to discuss the solutions to your homework assignments and
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BUSI1002I course outline - The University of Hong Kong...

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