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UCLA Psych 10 Syllabus - Psychology 10, Sec 1 UCLA...

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Psychology 10, Sec 1 UCLA Department of Psychology Fall 2011 Lecture Time: Tu Th 2-3:50pm Moore 100 Dr. Keith Holyoak, Coordinator Office: 6613 Franz Hall email: holyoak@lifesci.ucla.edu Office hour: Tu 4-5pm Dr. Lara Ray Office: 3214 Franz Hall email: lararay@psych.ucla.edu Office hour: Tue 4-5 Dr. Ted Robles Office: 5611 Franz Hall email: robles@psych.ucla.edu Office hour: Tu 1-2 pm TA: Kim Tsai Office: 2344C Franz Email: kimtsai@ucla.edu Office hours: Monday 4-5pm; Tu 1-2pm TA: Vanessa Rodriguez Barrera Office: 8564 Franz Email: rodriguez.b.vanessa@gmail.com Office hours: Wed 11am-12pm; Fri 2-3pm NB: Most class communications will be via the course website at ccle.ucla.edu. Faculty office hours will be during each instructor’s module. Description of the Course General introduction to the science of psychology, including topics in behavioral, cognitive, developmental, personality, and social psychology; six hours of psychological research. Attendance and Participation Come to class prepared! You are expected to come to class prepared by reading the assigned reading, thinking carefully about them, and being ready to ask questions and actively participate in discussion. Your active participation in the course will help you to get the most out of it. Text: D.G. Myers, Psychology: Ninth Edition in Modules (2010). New York: Worth Publishers. Research Requirements for Psychology 10 Students enrolled in Psychology 10 are required to serve as psychological research subjects for a total of six hours or write three abstracts on articles from psychology journals, or do a combination of both. Students who do not complete this research requirement by the last day of instruction will receive a grade of Incomplete ("I") in
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Psych 10. In order to remove the "I", the research requirement will have to be fulfilled the following quarter or else the "I" will lapse into an "F" (or "NP"). Students who received an "I" in the prior quarter they took Psych 10 can apply any accumulated credit towards the six hours of experiment credit needed to receive a grade for Psych 10. Students who DROP Psych 10 after having served as a research participant or written an abstract CANNOT apply any accumulated credit towards the next time they take the course. (more details at the end of syllabus). Grading: There will be three midterm exams. The exams will be non-cumulative, covering both the lectures and the assigned textbook material. Your final grade will be based on your total score on the three exams. As a rough guideline (subject to change), the distribution will likely be approximately 20% As, 30% Bs, 40% Cs, 10% < C). Academic Integrity:
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UCLA Psych 10 Syllabus - Psychology 10, Sec 1 UCLA...

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