Barriers and Gateways to communication

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Barriers and Gateways to communication Part 1: Carl R. Rogers Basic principle of psychotherapy is to deal with a failure in communication. In emotionally maladjusted people, communication within them has broken down and as a result, their communication with others has been damaged. In other words, their unconscious, repressed, or denied desires have created distortions in the way they communicate with others. The goal of psychotherapy is to help an individual achieve good communication within himself or herself. There is one main obstacle to communication: people’s tendency to evaluate. Barrier: The Tendency to Evaluate We all have a natural urge to judge, evaluate and approve (or disapprove) another person’s statement. Suppose I say with some feeling, ”I think the Democrats are showing a lot of good sound sense these days.” What is your first reaction? Most likely, it will be evaluative. You will find yourself agreeing or disagreeing. Although making evaluations is common in almost all conversation, this reaction is heightened in situations where feelings and emotions are deeply involved. And this impulse to evaluate any emotionally meaningful statement
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