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Chapter 7 Deductive Reasoning: Categorical Logic ANSWERS TO EXERCISES Exercise 7.1 1. Subject = scientists, Predicate = Baptists. Universal negative, E 2. Subject = plants, Predicate = trees. Particular affirmative, I 3. Subject = cats that have lived over fifteen years in a domestic setting, Predicate = pets free of all health problems. Universal negative, E 4. Subject = mammals, Predicate = whales. Particular negative, O 5. Subject = theologians who have studied arguments for the existence of God, Predicate = scholars with serious misgivings about the traditional notion of omnipotence. Universal affirmative, A. 6. Subject = football players, Predicate = A-students. Universal negative, E 7. Subject = refugees from unstable countries, Predicate = poor people. Universal affirmative, A 8. Subject = people who play the stock market, Predicate = millionaires. Particular negative, O 9. Subject = taxpayers from the 2003 tax year, Predicate = embezzlers. Universal negative, E 10. Subject = U.S. prosecutors who have reviewed the cases of death and injury at the Ace-Westinghouse foundry, Predicate = friends of corporate America. Universal negative, E 11. Subject = all cancer survivors in the clinical study, Predicate = coffee drinkers. Universal affirmative, A 12. Subject = terrorists, Predicate = Saudi citizens. Particular affirmative, I 13. Subject = pro-democracy students in China, Predicate = outside agitators. Universal negative, E 14. Subject = congressional Republican leaders, Predicate = pro-lifers. Particular affirmative, I 15. Subject = health care programs proposed in the Senate, Predicate = viable options. Particular negative, O 16. Subject = death-row inmates, Predicate = death-penalty supporters. Universal negative, E 17. Subject = child-abuse caseworkers, Predicate = overburdened civil servants. Universal affirmative, A Exercise 7.2 1. All Giants fans are fanatics [or, are people who are fanatical]. A 2. Some government programs are things that are wasteful. I 3. All soldiers who give their all are persons who are brave. A 4. All whispering people are liars. A 5. All good investments are cell phone companies that keep up with the latest technology. A 6. All rock-and-roll songs are things that have a back beat. A
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7. Some people with pinched faces are persons who have poisonous hearts. I 8. No snakes are mammals. E 9. All intelligent thoughts are thoughts that have already happened. A 10. All good humans are dead humans. A 11. All persons identical with Gregory are Republicans. A 12. No soldiers who broke their legs are soldiers who finished their training. E 13. Some things are memories meant to be forgotten. I 14. No excellent things are things without difficulty. E 15. No people identical with Jonathan are very brave people. E 16. All men are persons who have sinned. A Exercise 7.3 1. All guardians of the soul are poets. A. 2. All earthquakes are potential disasters. A
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Chapter7_Exercise_Answers - Chapter 7 Deductive Reasoning:...

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