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SOC 100 TERM PAPER ASSIGMENT The Sociological Imagination This 5-7 page paper (double-spaced, 1” margins, 12pt. Times New Roman) must be turned in to your Teaching Assistant during your last discussion section. This is not a research paper but an analytical essay in which you will apply the Sociological Imagination to examine a specific case: yourself. You will be graded on your demonstration of mastery of key concepts and theoretical ideas presented in the course. You must define and illustrate specific sociological concepts through the careful crafting of “your story.” The paper is worth 20 pts (20% of your final grade) and has the following requirements: 1. 2 pts: A thesis statement giving a definition (in your own words) of the sociological imagination, and your intention to analyze some aspects of your personal history in a sociological way. 2. 8 pts: Autobiographical reflections arising from a consideration of any four of the following eight topics. To get your points, your story must demonstrate comprehension of a specific sociological theory or concept.
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