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Unformatted text preview: own accord within a few days. days. However, placing a petroleum gauze However, dressing around the incision / insertion site will help reduce the incidence of subcutaneous emphysema. subcutaneous Monitor the size of the subcutaneous Monitor emphysema. emphysema. DISADVANTAGES OF EMERGENCY CRICOTHYROIDOTOMY Requires advanced training to properly Requires perform procedure. perform Bypasses the nares function of warming and Bypasses filtering the air. filtering May increase respiratory resistance (due to May smaller tube size). smaller Improper placement. ANATOMICAL LANDMARKS AND STRUCTURES Trachea Thyroid Cartilage Cricoid Cartilage Cricothyroid Membrane Carotid Arteries Jugular Veins Esophagus Thyroid Gland ANATOMICAL LANDMARKS AND STRUCTURES-Closeup Pharynx and Trachea in Detail More Anatomy Anterior view of the larynx to show the median cricothyroid ligament. cricothyroid 1. Thyroid lamina. 2. Arch of cricoid cartilage. 3. Median cricothyroid ligament (cut here) Smallest Part of the Airway ??? In Adults it is at the vocal cords In Infants and Children up to 8 it is the In Cricoid ring (cartilage), this is why uncuffed Cricoid ), ET tubes work in children. ET Required Equipment for Emergency Cricothyroidotomy Required Equipment #10 or 11 Scalpel #10 Endotracheal Tube 10 cc Syringe Stethoscope Curved Kelly Curved Hemostat, Straight will work will Ambu-bag Sterile Dressing Vaseline / Petroleum Vaseline Gauze Gauze Betadine or Alcohol Betadine Wipes Wipes Required Equipment (continued) Sterile or Clean Gloves Suture Material Suction Device Suture Scissors Tape PROCEDURAL STEPS FOR EMERGENCY CRICOTHYROIDOTOMY Determine that the patient’s ABC’s is in Determine jeopardy. jeopardy. Determine that the patient requires an Determine emergency cricothyroidotomy. emergency Assemble required equipment, quickly. Do it. Don’t hesitate PROCEDURAL STEPS FOR EMERGENCY CRICOTHYROIDOTOMY Position the patient’s head/neck The patient is placed in a supine or semirecumbent position The neck is placed in a neutral position PROCEDURAL STEPS FOR EMERGENCY CRICOTHYROIDOTOMY Palpate the thyroid and Palpate cricoid cartilage for orientation orientation A - Cricoid Cartilage B - Cricothyroid Cricothyroid Membrane Membrane C - Incision Site D - Thyroid Cartilage PROCEDURAL STEPS FOR EMERGENCY CRICOTHYROIDOTOMY Locate the cricothyroid membrane Stabilize the thyroid cartilage using your Stabilize non-dominant hand non-dominant Swab the incision site with alcohol or Swab be...
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