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This procedure is preferable to a tracheotomy as

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Unformatted text preview: referable to a tracheotomy as there This are no large midline vessels in front of the median cricothyroid ligament whereas there are in front of the superior part of the trachea. superior CONTRAINDICATIONS Massive trauma to the larynx or cricoid cartilage: Damage to the affected structures will make it Damage impossible to perform the procedure properly impossible If another means of establishing an airway has not If been performed. Examples include: been Heimlich maneuver, nasotracheal or orotracheal Heimlich intubation intubation COMPLICATIONS Major bleeding is caused by the Major laceration of any major vessels (carotid artery or jugular vein) within the neck. – NOTE: Very Heavy bleeding is NOTE: common and normal. common Treatment: Same as minor bleeding. Treatment: However, if bleeding is not controlled with pressure, the vessel may need to be ligated. be COMPLICATIONS Esophageal Perforation or Tracheoesophageal Esophageal Fistula Fistula Definition: The creation of a hole between the Definition: esophagus and trachea esophagus Causes: Creating an incision too deep through the Creating cricoid membrane cricoid Forcing the endotracheal tube through the Forcing cricoid membrane and into the esophagus cricoid COMPLICATIONS Treatment: Requires surgical repair of fistula or perforation. perforation. COMPLICATIONS Hemorrhage Is the most common complication Minor bleeding is caused by the laceration of Minor superficial capillaries in the skin tissue superficial Note: The Thyroid Gland may extend into Note: the area of the cricothyroid membrane, heavy bleeding can be experienced. heavy Treatment: Direct pressure to control the Treatment: bleeding and then the application of a simple pressure dressing pressure COMPLICATIONS Subcutaneous Emphysema Definition: The presence of free air or gas Definition: within the subcutaneous tissues within Causes: Creating too wide of an incision will Creating encourage air entrapment under the subcutaneous tissue subcutaneous Air leaking out of the insertion site may get Air trapped under the subcutaneous tissues trapped COMPLICATIONS Treatment: No treatment is usually necessary. No Subcutaneous emphysema will usually dissipate on its...
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