Probably remove the tube and attempt to reinsert into

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Unformatted text preview: on. Breath Sounds in the Right Lung Field - the Breath endotracheal tube has been placed too far down the bronchial tree and is in the right mainstem bronchus. mainstem Pull back the tube 1/4 to 1/2 inch or until Pull bilateral breath sounds have been established established PROCEDURAL STEPS FOR EMERGENCY CRICOTHYROIDOTOMY Auscultate over the epigastrium for gastric Auscultate sounds sounds Placement of the endotracheal tube into Placement the stomach or esophagus will produce gurgling sounds in the epigastric area with ventilations with PROCEDURAL STEPS FOR EMERGENCY CRICOTHYROIDOTOMY Inflate the endotracheal tube’s cuff with 10 Inflate cc’s of air cc’s Inflation of the cuff serves two purposes: Holds the endotracheal tube in place Acts as a barrier and prevents fluids Acts from entering the lungs from PROCEDURAL STEPS FOR EMERGENCY CRICOTHYROIDOTOMY Apply petroleum gauze Apply dressing to insertion site dressing Apply a dry, sterile dressing Apply to the insertion site to Tape around the tube then Tape neck, sutures can be done later later PROCEDURAL STEPS FOR EMERGENCY CRICOTHYROIDOTOMY Continue to ventilate the patient (1 breath Continue every 5 seconds) and suction as necessary. every Loving Gentle Squeeze 2 in, 3 out. Continue to monitor the patient for changes...
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