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METU Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Met E 206 Materials Laboratory EXPERIMENT 1 TENSION TEST Gökhan ÇELİK 1630391 OBJECTIVE Our aim is to carry out to get stress-strain diagram and understanding mechanical behavior and engineering performance of the material with the properties of the material under the determined tensile properties of the material. [2] EXPERIMENTAL a. Instruments 60 tons Alşa Universal hydraulic testing machine ( a load controlled one ). X-Y recorder : that plots the variation of load with respect to time. Power supply: that supplies power to the machine which amplifies the output signal and displays the load.
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Load cell: provides an electric circuit in order to measure the instantaneous load along the loading axis. [2] b. Specimen In tension test we used cylindrical shaped steel. Before the experiment the specimen’s dimensions were that initial length was 76.74mm and the dimension was 12.43mm. After the experiment the final length was 84.98mm and the final diameter was 8.68mm. Thus this indicates that because of the steel’s ductility property that the specimen’s length increases while the dimension is narrowing. c. Procedure In the experiment we used a cylindrical shape steel specimen and the specimen should have some shape and dimension properties to apply the test. Therefore before we start the experiment we measured the central portion of the length and the cross section of the specimen. To do tension test there is a standard that the gage length should be five times bigger than the dimensions of the material. After we have measured the initial
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Experimen.. - METU Department of Metallurgical and...

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