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METU Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Met E 206 Materials Laboratory Experiment III MICROSTRUCTURE OF MATERIALS Assistant: Ebru Saraloğlu Hakan Aktulga 1393875
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Objective: The aim of this experiment is to observe and determine the microstructure of any material which have different concentrations, different phases, different concentrations, disorders, also failures and gone through different processes by the use of optical microscopes, transferring and scanning electron microscopes and also define the visuals by means of the changes in chemical compositions, heating temperatures, holding times, cooling rates, amount of hot or cold deformations etc. Apparatus: - An optical microscope, - Etching reagent ( 2% Nital ) Specimens: Steel Grade Processing Route AISI 1060 Furnace Cooling AISI 1060 Air Cooling AISI 1060 Water Quenching AISI 1060 Oil Quenching AISI 1020 Furnace Cooling AISI H13 Air Cooling Brass Annealed Steel Cold Deformed Results and Discussions : If the cooling rates of 1060 steel specimens become higher the primary ferrite
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hakan rapor 3 - METU Department of Metallurgical and...

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