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Middle East Technical University Department of Metallurgical & Material Engineering MetE 206 Materials Laboratory Experiment I Tension Test Lab Assistant Göksu Gürer Tahir Mahmut Beydola 1394014
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Objective This experiment is done for finding the sample material’s mechanical properties by using tensile test. This test gives us a lot of information to find the values like yield stress, ultimate tensile strength, ductility of that material. Experimental a. Instruments ( [1],[3]) ALŞA TENSION-COMPRESSION-BENDING TESTING MACHINE (60 tons capacity) [1] Load Cell Power supply Recorder b. Specimen Round specimen with initial diameter=12.42 mm and gage length= 77.02mm c. Procedure Tension test is commonly used to determine the properties of the material. That helps to show the material’s behaviors under tensile or bending conditions. To do the experiment firstly we mark the specimen to measure the gage length and diameter of the specimen to do the calculations after the experiment done. Secondly, We do the experiment with tension test machine. When we were doing the experiment, the recorder measured the load varying against time until it fractures. After the testing, we plot the load versus elongation graph and the engineering stress strain graph.
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MetE 206 Exp1 - Middle East Technical University Department...

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