Lecture Outline Chapter 6

Lecture Outline Chapter 6 - Judge and Langdon Connections:...

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Connections: A World History Chapter 6: The Persian Connection: Its Impact and Influences, 2000 B . C . E . – 637 C . E . Lecture Outline I. The Persian Empire Unlike other great civilizations, that of Persia emerged on a plateau, not a river valley. A. Geographic Challenges Confront the First Persians 1. The Iranian plateau and the Central Asian steppes 2. Medes and Persians 3. Farsi 4. Assyrian conquest, Assyrian defeat B. Cyrus the Great Read the document The “Cyrus Cylinder” on myhistorylab.com 1. Persian ascendancy and expansion 2. Assimilation after conquest II. Persian Governance and Society: Links with Mesopotamia A. From Cyrus to Darius 1. Darius claims the throne 2. Expansion under Darius B. Administration of the Empire 1. Darius’s style of government: satrapies 2. Policies C. Mesopotamian Influences: Law, Administration, and Commerce D. Persian Society and Culture 1. Social structure 2. The place of women in Persian society 3. Persian culture 4. Persepolis III. Zoroastrianism A. A Religion of Good and Evil 1. Zoroaster (Zarathustra) and monotheism 2. Priests and temples 3. Influence B. Social and Political Content 1. The importance of action 2. Royal support
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Lecture Outline Chapter 6 - Judge and Langdon Connections:...

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