Lecture Outline Chapter 9

Lecture Outline Chapter 9 - Judge and Langdon Connections A...

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Connections: A World History Chapter 9: Germanic Societies and the Emergence of the Christian West, 100–1100 C . E . Lecture Outline Introduction The eastern emperor Constantine transformed the Roman Empire by legalizing Christianity and moving the capital to Byzantium. He thus helped shape not only the Roman world, but also the later division of Europe into two spheres. I. The Germanic Peoples Read the document Germania (1st C. C.E.), Tacitus on myhistorylab.com A. Germanic Society: Kinship and Combat Read the document Excerpts from the Hildebrandslied on myhistorylab.com 1. Nomadic lifestyle 2. Kinship ties 3. Patriarchy 4. Religion B. Germanic Migrations and Their Threat to Rome View Interactive Map: Shifting Borders and the Invasions of Europe (300 C.E. to 1000 C.E.) on myhistorylab.com 1. Migration, agriculture, and the Roman world 2. Roman response II. The Decline of the Western Roman Empire A. The Divided Empire and Its Eastern Orientation 1. Third-century crisis 2. Diocletian and the division of the empire 3. Constantine B. The Triumph and Transformation of Christianity 1. Constantine’s conversion and the legalization of Christianity 2. The spread of Christianity and the decline of traditional Roman religion 3. Christianity as state religion C. Crisis and Chaos in the West Read the document Huns and Goths on myhistorylab.com 1. Eastern and Western Empires diverge 2. Threats on the frontier 3. Germanic invasions and the sack of Rome 4. Attila the Hun D. The Fall of Rome and End of the Western Roman Empire Read the document
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Lecture Outline Chapter 9 - Judge and Langdon Connections A...

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