Lecture Outline Chapter 8

Lecture Outline Chapter 8 - Judge and Langdon Connections A...

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Judge and Langdon Connections: A World History Chapter 8: The Romans Connect the Mediterranean World, 753 B . C . E . – 284 C . E . Lecture Outline Introduction In the legend of Romulus and Remus, the Romans linked their foundation to violent conflict. I. The Roman Republic to 133 B . C . E . The real foundation of Rome occurred around 1000 B.C.E. when three tribes built on hills on the Tiber river, a short distance inland from the Mediterranean. A. The Republic and Its Foundation in Law Read the document Livy, The Rape of Lucretia and the Origins of the Republic , on myhistorylab.com 1. Representative government 2. The rule of law 3. The Struggle of the Orders 4. Roman citizenship and the assimilation of conquered peoples Read the document Excerpt from Plutarch, The Life of Cato the Elder (2d c. C.E.) , on myhistorylab.com B. The Punic Wars and Rome’s Mediterranean Domination 1. Roman military power 2. Conflict between Rome and Carthage 3. Legacy of the Punic Wars C. Changes in Society and Culture 1. Social stratification 2. Gender relations 3. Slavery II. Dissatisfaction with the Republic A. Social Discontent and Decline in Popular Rule 1. Crisis in the countryside 2. Revolt of the Italian allies 3. Military dictatorship B. Julius Caesar Watch the video Roman Empire , on myhistorylab.com 1. Struggle for power 2. Assassination and civil war III. The Birth of the Roman Empire A. The Rise of Octavian View Map Discovery: The Career of Julius Caesar , on myhistorylab.com 1. The Second Triumvirate
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2. Antony and Cleopatra
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Lecture Outline Chapter 8 - Judge and Langdon Connections A...

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