Lecture Outline Chapter 11

Lecture Outline Chapter 11 - Judge and Langdon Connections...

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Judge and Langdon Connections: A World History Chapter 11: The Origins and Expansion of Islam, 100–750 Lecture Outline Introduction The city of Mecca was both a religious and commercial center in pre-Islamic Arabia. It rose to even greater prominence after the advent of Islam as the birthplace of Muhammad. I. Pre-Islamic Arabia Read the document Pre-Islamic Arabic Poetry:“The Poem of Antar” on myhistorylab.com A. Camels and Commerce 1. Isolation 2. Camel transport 3. Southern Arabia and trade B. The Collapse of Southern Arabia and the Rise of Mecca 1. Challenges and competition 2. The introduction of monotheism 3. Destruction of southern Arabian states 4. Mecca II. The Rise of Islam A. The Prophet Muhammad Read the document Al-Tabari: Muhammad’s Call to Prophecy on myhistorylab.com 1. Early life 2. Revelations 3. A new prophet, a new religion, and a new mission 4. The Qur’an B. From Mecca to Medina View the images Mecca and Medina on myhistorylab.com Read the document A Selection from Muhammad’s “Orations” on myhistorylab.com 1. Hijra 2. Umma 3. Five Pillars of Islam 4. Conversion of Mecca III. Islam Expands, 632–661 A. An Agreement Between Leader and Followers Read the document Al-Tabari and Ibn Hisham, from “The Founding of the Caliphate” on myhistorylab.com 1. Succession crisis 2. The caliphate 3. Jihad and the two houses 4. The caliphate as empire
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B. The Challenge to a Unified Islam 1. Divisions 2. Sunnis and Shi’ites IV. The Umayyad Caliphate, 661–750 A. Umayyad Expansion
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Lecture Outline Chapter 11 - Judge and Langdon Connections...

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