Lecture Outline Chapter 10

Lecture Outline Chapter 10 - Judge and Langdon Connections:...

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Judge and Langdon Connections: A World History Chapter 10: The Byzantine World, 284–1240 Lecture Outline Introduction The coronation of Justinian in Constantinople brought a period of consolidation and even expansion for the Eastern Empire. At the same time, Justinian set new precedents which would distinguish the old from the New Rome. I. The Foundations of Byzantine Governance A. Constantine and the Christian Church Read the document Eusebius of Caesarea on the Nicaean Council and the Creed, ca. 330 on myhistorylab.com 1. The Arian controversy B. The Union of Church and State 1. Caesaropapism II. From East Rome to Byzantium Listen to the audio Rome and Christianity on myhistorylab.com A. Justinian and Theodora View the image Emperor Justinian on myhistorylab.com 1. Justinian 2. Theodora 3. Codification of Roman law Read the document Prologue of the Corpus Juris Civilis , ca. 530 on myhistorylab.com 4. Attempts to reunite the empire B. Byzantine Society Read the document The Reign of Justinian from Secret History (558), Procopius on myhistorylab.com 1. Constantinople 2. City life 3. Decline III. Connection and Conflict in the Byzantine World A. Disease and Warfare Watch the video The Plague on myhistorylab.com 1. Plague 2. Islamic expansion 3. Survival B. Eastern Christianity’s Culture and Conflicts View the image The Interior of Hagia Sophia on myhistorylab.com 1. Byzantine religious life
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2. Doctrinal quarrels 3. Iconoclasm Read the document Epitome of the Iconoclastic Seventh Synod 754
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Lecture Outline Chapter 10 - Judge and Langdon Connections:...

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