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Lecture Outline Chapter 13

Lecture Outline Chapter 13 - Judge and Langdon Connections...

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Judge and Langdon Connections: A World History Chapter 13: Early African Societies, 1500 B.C.E. –1500 C.E. Lecture Outline Introduction The first camel caravan arrived in West Africa in 685 C.E. Muslim traders brought to the region not only good, but a transformation of religion, language, and more. I. Africa Before Islam Watch the video The Borders of Africa and World History. How African History Has Changed World History on myhistorylab.com A. Early African History B. The Bantu Migrations: Cohesion in Diversity 1. Bantu migrations 2. Bantu society 3. Islamic connections C. Regional Cultural Adaptations 1. Geography and climate D. Clans and Kingdoms 1. Clans 2. Polygamy E. African Traditional Religion 1. African polytheism F. Early African Culture Listen to the audio Africa 2 on myhistorylab.com 1. Religion and culture II. Islamic Africa and Spain: Commercial and Cultural Networks A. Islamic North Africa Listen to the audio Influences in Africa 1 on myhistorylab.com 1. Isolation 2. Arab invasion B. Cosmopolitan Umayyad Spain Watch the video Moorish Art in Spain on myhistorylab.com 1. Islamic conquest 2. Cultural blending 3. Cultural achievements 4. The Caliphate of Córdoba C. Fatimid Egypt 1. The Shi’ite Fatimids 2. Fatimid rule 3. Decline and defeat
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III. Trade Across the Sahara A. Early Saharan Trade View Map Discovery: Trade Routes in Africa on myhistorylab.com 1. Camels and trade B. Islam’s Interaction with West Africa 1. Commercial and cultural networks 2. Consequences of trans-Saharan trade IV. West African Kingdoms: Ghana and Mali Watch the video The Role of the Environment in History on myhistorylab.com A. The Conversion of Ghana 1. Gold, salt, and Islam 2. The Almoravids and the conversion of Ghana
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Lecture Outline Chapter 13 - Judge and Langdon Connections...

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