Lecure Outline Chapter 14

Lecure Outline Chapter 14 - Judge and Langdon Connections A...

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Judge and Langdon Connections: A World History Chapter 14: The Evolution and Expansion of East Asian Societies, 220–1240 C . E . Lecture Outline I. China’s Age of Disunity, 220–589 A. The Three Kingdoms Era 1. Civil war and devastation 2. Xiongnu invasion B. Division, Invasion, Adaptation, and Migration 1. The time of the Sixteen Kingdoms 2. The Toba 3. Adaptation and migration C. Central Asian Connections and the Arrival of Buddhism 1. Trade and Buddhism 2. Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism D. The Spread of Buddhism in China 1. Instability and the spread of Buddhism II. China’s Age of Preeminence, 589–1279 View Map Discovery: China During the Era of Division, the Sui Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty on myhistorylab.com A. China Reunited: The Sui Dynasty, 589–618 1. Yang Jian 2.The fall of the Sui B. China Triumphant: The Tang Dynasty, 618–907 Read the document Tang Taizong on The Art of Government on myhistorylab.com 1. Emperor Taizong 2. Wu Zhao 3. An Lushan revolt 4. Decline and fall of the Tang C. China in Turmoil: Ten Kingdoms and Five Dynasties, 907–960 1. Nomadic invaders 2. Zhao Kuangyin and the founding of the Song Dynasty D. China Resurgent: The Song Dynasty, 960–1127 1. Emperor Taizu 2. Song government 3. Song commerce E. China Divided: Jurchens and Southern Song, 1127–1279 1. The Jurchens and the loss of the north 2. The Southern Song 3. Mongol conquest
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III. Highlights and Hallmarks of Chinese Society A. Commercial and Technological Innovations 1. Sources of commercial power 2. Innovations and their impact B. Spiritual, Intellectual, and Cultural Creativity Read the document Poems by Li Bai and Du Fu (8th c.) on myhistorylab.com 1.Stability, prosperity, and creativity 2. New Buddhist sects 3. Confucianism rebounds 4. Chinese poetry 5. Arts and crafts C. Urban and Rural Society 1. Chinese cities 2. Chang’an 3. Peasant life 4. Patriarchy IV. Vietnam and the Chinese Impact A. Vietnam Under Chinese Domination
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Lecure Outline Chapter 14 - Judge and Langdon Connections A...

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