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Psy 1 Fair Game Final 5

Psy 1 Fair Game Final 5 - Psychoanalysis Catharsis The...

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PSYCHOLOGY 1 -- Introduction to Psychology Alan J. Fridlund, Ph.D. Fall 2011 TENTATIVE FAIR-GAME SHEET - FINAL EXAM Personality Structured personality testing MMPI Type A behavior pattern Cattell's personality research Projective testing w/rationale Rorschach inkblot procedure TAT Trait theories – Eysenck, “Big Five” Psychodynamic personality theories
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Unformatted text preview: Psychoanalysis Catharsis The Unconscious Oedipus complex Stages of psychosexual development Components of personality (Ego, Id, Superego) Defense Mechanisms (know types) Overall evidence on validity Jung's collective unconscious and archetypes Adler and "social interest" Personality and criminal profiling Heredity and personality...
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