Psy 1 Fair Game Final 6

Psy 1 Fair Game Final 6 - Capacity vs performance theories...

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PSYCHOLOGY 1 -- Introduction to Psychology Alan J. Fridlund, Ph.D. Fall 2011 TENTATIVE FAIR-GAME SHEET - FINAL EXAM Intelligence Craniometry Sir Francis Galton Eugenics and dysgenesis Galton's view of intelligence Spearman's g and psychometric approach General vs. specific models of intelligence Fluid and crystallized intelligence Binet-Simon Scale (and rationale) Ratio IQ [ MA/CA x 100 ] and problem with it
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Unformatted text preview: Capacity vs. performance theories of IQ Test validity, reliability and utility Stanford-Binet (Terman) Wechsler’s Adult Intelligence Scale Deviation IQ Adoption and twin studies of IQ Flynn effect on IQ's worldwide General results of Minnesota Twins Project Use and abuse of IQ "Culture-fairness" (culture-reduction) and IQ tests Stability of IQ...
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