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Final Fair Game Sheet - PSYCHOLOGY 1 - Introduction to...

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PSYCHOLOGY 1 -- Introduction to Psychology Alan J. Fridlund, Ph.D. Fall 2011 REVISED FAIR-GAME SHEET - FINAL EXAM (11/28/2011) NOTE: Intelligence Items and Lecture Notes Will Not Be on Final Exam Added Items are in Red; Omitted Items Are in Red and Struck Out Thinking Geons and "impossible figures" Prototype theory of meaning Spreading activation Stroop effect and automatization Mental rotation and map image-scanning studies Change blindness Attentional blink Nature of expertise Algorithms and heuristics Representativeness heuristic Base-rate information Availability heuristic Overconfidence Confirmation bias Framing bias and “spin” Natural Selection and Motivation Natural selection Requirements for natural selection: Variability Selection pressures Inheritance mechanism Vestigial structures and importance to Darwin Neoteny Personal vs. inclusive fitness Kin selection Vervet monkeys and calls Taxis Fixed action patterns & releasing stimuli Imprinting & critical (sensitive) periods Corvid intelligence w/examples Tryon behavior-genetics study Evidence on human infant imprinting Types of mating systems Rationale for sexual reproduction Advantage of sexual reproduction Sexual dimorphism Evolutionary explanations of altruism Evolutionary explanation of sex roles Sexual selection Male displays resulting from sexual selection
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This note was uploaded on 12/26/2011 for the course PSY 1 taught by Professor Fridlund during the Fall '08 term at UCSB.

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Final Fair Game Sheet - PSYCHOLOGY 1 - Introduction to...

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