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Psych 1 Fair Game Final 1

Psych 1 Fair Game Final 1 - When you see 2 shapes that are...

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Thinking Geons and "impossible figures" Geons: alphabet of shapes that we make things out of Impossible figures: Like the impossible staircase or 3 prong figure; Brain acquires vocabulary of shapes that we go and try and scan in the world Prototype theory of meaning How fruity is an apple vs lemon? Is 1 more odd than 3? Prototypes = familiar or typical example of something in a specific category Spreading activation Process by which activation of one concept also activates or primes other concepts that are linked to it; think of words or concepts with links to related concepts Stroop effect and automatization Interference between automatized and deliberate ways of thinking like in numbers and Colors; tendency to read the words instead of saying the color of ink Mental rotation and map image-scanning studies
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Unformatted text preview: When you see 2 shapes that are the same, rotate 2 in head until they are aligned in space in your mind Change blindness Failure to detect changes in parts of a scene Attentional blink During a brief time after perceiving one stimulus, it is difficult to attend to something else Nature of expertise Even if someone is born with a certain talent, they still need years of hard work to develop expertise Algorithms and heuristics Algorithm: mechanical, repetitive procedure for solving a problem or testing hypothesis Heruistic: strategies for simplifying problem, generating satisfactory guess Representativeness heuristic Item that resembles members of category probably belongs to that category; if something looks like a duck and sounds like a duck it must be a duck mmon goal...
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