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Thinking Base-rate information How common 2 categories are Availability heuristic More easily we can think of members of a category, more common category is; more words start with k than more with k as third letter Overconfidence Believing your estimate is more accurate than it is Confirmation bias Tendency to accept one hypothesis, then look for evidence to support it, instead of considering other possibilities Framing bias and “spin” “spinning” or “scientific catastrophism” when wording of problem leads us to a decision; positive: choose option A to save 200 lives negative: choose option A or 400 ppl will die Natural Selection and Motivation Natural selection Those with better genes will reproduce more because they are fitter. Evolution thru natural selection
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Unformatted text preview: natural selection, survival of the fittest Requirements for natural selection: Variability: among organisms; traits can be structures or behavior Selection pressures: combined effect of all selection pressures at various levels determines the overall fitness of an individual, hence the outcome of natural selection Inheritance mechanism: genes, which are segments of chromosomes, control heredity Vestigial structures and importance to Darwin Anatomical, behavioral, biochemical structures that have lost their original function but remain there because of evolution; appendix, tailbone, muscles in ear Neoteny Juvenile features in adults; humans have flat faces throughout life, monkeys have flat face as infant, get longer faces as they get older...
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