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Psych 1 Fair Game Final 3 - Social bond that is formed...

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Natural Selection and Motivation Personal vs. inclusive fitness Personal fitness: direct reproductive prowess Inclusive fitness: assistance of kin’s reproduction; leads to cooperative behavior; genetic self-interest Kin selection Organisms that tend to exhibit strategies that favor reproductive success of their relatives Vervet monkeys and calls These monkeys let out calls to warn of danger, even if it means attracting danger to themselves Taxis Movement toward or against a simple stimulus Fixed action patterns & releasing stimuli Releaser is a signal from one individual to another. Fixed action pattersn triggered by releaser, they are instinctive behavioral sequences such as egg retrieval by herring gull Imprinting & critical (sensitive) periods
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Unformatted text preview: Social bond that is formed immediately or during first few days of life; ducklings, newborn babies with mothers Corvid intelligence w/examples Amazingly intelligent; have brain-to-body weight ratio equal to primeates; show self recognition in mirror tests; demonstrate cognitive abilities = to Great Apes; Use 3D, temporal cues-food retrieval, store; make, use tools Tryon behavior-genetics study Genetic influences apparent by crossing strains of DNA in rats so that they could work mazes better Evidence on human infant imprintin Do humans imprint? No. Human babies dont have rigid imprinting period, but we do absorb a lot of culture and habits when we are young....
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