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Psych 1 Fair Game Final 4

Psych 1 Fair Game Final 4 - Traits that help men win in...

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Natural Selection and Motivation Types of mating systems Monogamy:one male and one female Polygyny: male with two or more females Polyandry: female with two or more males Promiscuity: any male within social group can mate with any female Rationale for sexual reproduction Maybe to repair DNA damage Advantage of sexual reproduction Variation of genes; can evolve and species can fight mutation Sexual dimorphism Differences in male and female within same species; in most species, male is larger than female Evolutionary explanations of altruism Altruistic behavior is accepting some cost or risk to help others. People want a reputation for being fair and helpful so that they will be offered help when they need it Evolutionary explanation of sex roles
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Unformatted text preview: Traits that help men win in competition with one another and ornaments that help them win the attention of females Sexual selection Type of natural selection in which members of one sex compete for reproductive access to members of other sex Male displays resulting from sexual selection Males advertise and females are choosy Incitement and "female choice" in mating Female selection of males: resource, height, muscular, angular appearance, predictability, gifts, caring during illness, intelligence, sense of humor Cryptic female choice Overt ( I chose you and not you). Cryptic: female moth detects size of spermatophores deposited in her reproductive tract, only allows sperm from large ones to fertilize eggs...
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