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Natural Selection and Motivation Aspects of human mating system Incest w/costs Westermarck-avoid mating w/ppl we grow with Freud-want to mate w/ppl we grow up with Genetic sexual attraction among siblings separated early by adoption; genetic cost of defect 3% if parents are unrelated 4% if parents are 1 st cousins 10% if parents are siblings Out-breeding drive and MHC findings Cryptic ovulation w/rationales Estrus replaced by menstruation; perennial receptivity; fertile within one month Mate guarding : restrictions on female behavior, jealousy, violence, female sexual mutilation; choose male = height, muscular, gifts, caring during illness, intelligence, humor Mating criteria Kinsey survey Conducted first extensive survey of human sexual behavior, found that sexual activity varies more widely than most people realize; large sample, not random, had to be people who agreed; MidWest Euro
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Unformatted text preview: Americans Helen Fisher’s phases of love and related neurochemicals Lust-loveseeking, driven in both sexes mainly by testosterone, estrogen Attraction-love struck: fixating on “target”; loss of sleep appetite, driven by dopamine Attachment-developing bond; lessening of attraction of lust; driven mainly oxytocin Sexual orientation and possible determinants” Genetic influences and prenatal environment are possible influences. A small percentage of men and women claim to be exclusively homosexual Correlated variations” with sexual orientation (finger length length etc.) Tend to run in family. Females in families with gay males tend to be more fertile. Every older brother increases odds of being gay. Gay men, lesbians tend to be more likely left handed, counter clockwise-hair shape. Gay females tend to have longer index fingers ”Gaydar” and sexual-orientation stereotypes...
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  • Fall '08
  • Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Female sexual mutilation, Westermarck-avoid mating w/ppl, Genetic sexual attraction, Cryptic ovulation w/rationales

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