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Development Cohort effects Group of people born at particular time or a group of people who entered an org at particular time Schemas (Piaget) Organized way of interacting with objects in world. Mental representation: people have schema of how restaurant works, or general idea Assimilation Apply old schema to new objects or problems; child who observes that animals move on their own may believe sun, moon, which seem to move may be alive Accommodation Modifying old schema to fit new object or problem; rules with exceptions Object permanence and how it's measured Idea that objects continue to exist even when we don’t see or hear them. Method: setting toy on table, blocking it with opaque board or having toy car pass through solid block Conservation of number, volume, mass Concept that objects retain weight, volume, certain other properties in spite of changes in shape or arrangement; To understand objects conserve such properties as number, length, volume, area, mass after
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Unformatted text preview: changes in shape or arrangement of objects. Until children are 7, cant perform mental operations necessary to understand transformation; water in short fat cup, tall skinny cup Erikson's social development model(general concept, not specific stages) Stages of life divided into ages in which people have certain tasks they must complete and each stage generates its own social, emotional conflicts; Each stg has own special difficulties, unsatisfactory resolution to problems of one age carry over as extra difficulty Key issues in adolescence, midlife and old age Adolescence: key issue is identity, “who am I” identity vs role confusion Midlife: key issue is generativity-producing something important, children or work vs stagnation Old age: ego integrity vs despair: have I lived a full life, done everything I wanted or have I failed?...
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