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Development Temperament Tendency to be active, outgoing, or reserved, and to respoind vigorously or quietly to new stimuli; Child’s behavior style or primary pattern of reaction to environment. Easy child(40%); difficult child (10%); slow-to-warm-up child (15%); remaining 35% of sample didn’t fall into above categories Relational and physical aggression More physical aggression in relationships (don’t fight with strangers) Continuous vs. stage theories Continuous: we grow in stages, not smooth line Stage: Erickson-tasks to master at each stage, if not, carry on to later stages Effects of cloth vs. wire "mothers" and determinants of attachment Designed to test whether infant attachment was due to provisional or emotional support, food was less
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Unformatted text preview: important than predicted, went to cloth mother for comfort, wire mother for food only Stockholm syndrome Affection of hostages toward captors regardless of danger they are in Effects of abuse on attachment and resilience Abuse by caretaker leads to greater attachment; loyalty of abuse victims to perpetators; clinging of children to abusive parents; effects of poor attachment can be overcome somewhat by later remedial experience Effects of divorce on children Regression in young children; sense of vulnerability; abandonment panic-grief at loss of intact family; anger intermixed with powerlessness; adolescence-overburdened child syndrome, taking on responsibility for caretaking of parent...
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