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Social Interaction "Fundamental attribution error" and culture to make internal attributions for ppl’s behavior even when we see evidence for external influence on behavior; tendency to assume strong similiarity b/w someone’s current actions, disposition; culture Actor-observer effects Ppl more likely to make internal attributions for other ppl’s behavior, more likely to make external attributions for own Self-serving attributional bias Attributions we adopt to max our credit for success, minimize our blame for failure; cause for good grade is intelligence, bad grade is unfair test Self-handicapping strategies Intentionally putting themselves at disadvantage to provide excuse for possible failure (party before test, blame bad grade on lack of sleep)
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Unformatted text preview: Factors affecting persuasiveness of messages Influence based on similarity if person can relate to msg they are more easily persuaded; influence of group endorsement, if group of individuals endorse msg you are more easily persuaded Salesmanship techniques: "Foot-in-the-door" : start w/ modest request, which person accepts, then follow it with larger request (sign petition then donate money) "Door-in-the-face": someone follows outrageous initial request with more reasonable second one "Bait-and-switch" : 1 st offers extremely favorable deal, get other person to commit to deal, make additional demands "That's-not-all": someone makes offer, improves offer before you have chance to reply...
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