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Psych 1 Fair Game Final 11

Psych 1 Fair Game Final 11 - Biology and physical...

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Social Interaction Cognitive dissonance State of unpleasant tension that ppl exp when behavior is inconsistent with attitudes, especially if they are distressed about inconsistency. Can either: change behavior to match attitude, change attitude to match behavior or find explanation to justify/rationalize behavior under certain circumstances Factors promoting friendship Mere exposure effect: more often we come into contact with someone or something the more we tend to like object or person. Ppl chose friends, partners who live near them, resemble them Physical attractiveness: close friends usually resemble each other in physical attractiveness Equity Principle: social relationships are transactions in which patterns exchange goods, services. Relationships are easiest, best when partners are about equal, contribute equally, feel as if both partners are getting good deal
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Unformatted text preview: Biology and physical attractiveness In humans good looking means normal; we like normal b/c it implies healthy; indicates no genetic mutation. Studies show facially attractive ppl are not more likely to be healthier Characteristics of successful marriages Partners have much in common, find ways to satisfy each other’s needs Have similar attitidues, personalities, have sex a lot, not a lot of arguments, adequate income, couple’s parents had successful marriages ppl that date for long time-confident Equity theories Social relationships are transactions in which partners exchange goods, services Asch's conformity studies Compare dif size of lines, say which ones were same in size in group setting Result-ppl before said wrong answer, so you would say that too Ppl conformed to wrong majority...
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