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Personality Psychoanalysis: Freud’s method of explaining, dealing w/personality based on interplay of conscious, unconscious forces Catharsis: relase of pent up emo tension The Unconscious: repository of memories, emotions, thoughts, many of them illogical that affect our behavior even though we cant talk about them Oedipus complex: when he develops sexual interest in mother, competitive aggression toward father Stages of psychosexual development: stgs of development in which fixations can occur: Oral Stg Phallic Stg Latent Period Genital Stg How we deal w/ these stgs determined most of our personalities Components of personality (Ego, Id, Superego) : personality consist of 3 components Id: all of our biological drives, unconscious desires Ego: rational, decision-making aspect of personality, conscious
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Unformatted text preview: Super ego: contains memory of rules, prohibitions we learned from parents, rest of society Defense Mechanisms (know types): reactions that try to ward off/decrease anxiety by various means Displacement: placing emotion from one object onto another safer target Regression: returning to more child-like state rather than handling in adult manner Reaction formation: behave opposite effect Sublimation:direct energy toward constructive behavior Projection: place one’s emotions onto target Denial: refuse to accept reality b/c too threatening Rationalization: make excuses or reasons that nothing is wrong Repression: prevent threatening thoughts from entering conscious Overall evidence on validity...
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