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Psych 1 Fair Game Final 15

Psych 1 Fair Game Final 15 - also established inferiority...

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Personality Jung's collective unconscious and archetypes Collective unconsciousness: cumulative exp of preceding generations b/c all humans share common Ancestor Archetypes: vague images that we inherited from exp of ancestors Adler and "social interest" Indivisible psy of person as whole not of parts, importance of conscious, goal-directed behavior, de- emphasized unconscious social interest-sense of solidarity, identification w/ other ppl interest in welfare of society, want to cooperate not compete
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Unformatted text preview: also established inferiority complex, that everyone has natural drive for superiority, desire to seek personal excellence, fulfillment Personality and criminal profiling How someone’s personality makes them more prone to being criminal, breaking law Heredity and personality Genetics are very influential component of personality. This can be seen in twin studies, identical twins that are separated usually broadcast very similar characteristics...
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