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Location o Site describing the characteristics of the place o Situation: characterize the place according to its specific location o Notion of land-locked states o Recognizes the econimc handicapped o Geographically disadvantaged states Little or no exclusive zone Off shore territory Borders o Boundaries of the administrative regions o Ppl faced with border markers are forced to touch them all o Typically precison of borders are somewhat artifical o Administrative regions are the oddest Borders are potentially precise o The boundaries used to be functional regions o 2D region o Functional region Marked extent of the countries ability to control its territory "American Frontier Zone" Become crisp boundaries of administrative regions o Often contested o Cause a lot disputes when resources are at stake
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Unformatted text preview: o Locations of borders sometime correspond with natural features • Natural or physical boundaries • Rivers & mountain ranges • Watersheds • Surveyed by the graticule Provides a measure of the artifical border • Whether boundaries are based on natural features- impose precision • Rivers are very dynamic Move a lot • Marine borders o Where does a countries end in the ocean o 3 miles o Everything else was subject to the freedom of the seas o Mineral rights o Went to 200 miles of the seas o Came up with 3 zones in 82 • Exclusive econimc zone • See image o 1967 • British territorial platform • Britain extended its water to 12 miles...
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