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Bio Lab Wksht & HW Questions 15

Bio Lab Wksht & HW Questions 15 - 10 2 Two habitat...

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10 2. Two habitat types are available in which to conduct the simulation. Your lab instructor will indicate which habitat type your group should use. In this simulation there are two frog species that live in both habitats types. You will act as a predator and forage the habitat for the frog prey in timed foraging trials. 3. The prey monitor sets-up each foraging period by scattering the prey through the habitat. For the first foraging period scatter 10 prey of each type (20 frogs in total). The predator will start foraging from a random position in the habitat and work through the habitat for 10 seconds. 4. You will conduct four timed foraging trials. Place the prey consumed by the predator in a dish labeled with the trial number. Count the number of each prey type captured and record it in Table 1. 5. At the end of each foraging trial, calculate the number of prey of each type that are left in the habitat (subtract the number captured from the number you started with). Record this number
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