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14 C-1. Phylogenetic analysis of cartoon cladisticules. To construct a phylogeny, several steps must be followed: Create a table of character data for the taxa that you are studying. Determine outgroup (closely related taxon but not part of the group under study). The Outgroup characters are used as the ancestral character state for the Ingroup. Determine homologous characters (characters that are similar because of common ancestry), and character states. A large number are needed to be sure that all available information is included in the phylogeny. Characters are chosen because their form, or character state, differs between the taxa under study and their common ancestor. Fill in data matrix of characters states for all taxa. The character state shown by the outgroup is
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Unformatted text preview: always coded as (0), as illustrated in character 1. The Outgroup (Joe), Ingroup (April, Mike, Tanya, Bobby, Jason, Jerry, Jane) and first two homologous characters are already set up for you. • Work in pairs and identify 5 more characteristics and code the character states. • Fill in the table of character states for all Cladisticules. Table 3. Data matrix of seven homologous characters for 8 cartoon cladisticules. Character states are designated as (0) or (1) for each character. Joe is the outgroup taxon. 1. Head fused to Thorax Yes (0) No (1) 2. Feet 2 toes (0) 3 toes (1) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Joe (OG) April Mike Tanya Bobby Jason Jerry Jane Can you suggest additional characteristics that should have been included in the data matrix?...
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