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22 C-2. Kingdom Alveolata, Phylum Ciliophora Current taxonomic treatments place the ciliates in a group called Alveolates, unicellular protists that have membrane bound cavities under the cell surface. These cavities, or alveoli, are thought to help regulate the water and ion balance between the cell and its environment. Dinoflagellates and apicomplexans are also members of this group. Members of the ciliate group move via cilia , minute hair-like structures that beat against their watery environment to provide locomotion. Cilia also serve to sweep food into the oral groove. As you did with the Euglena , prepare a slide of living Stentor , using a vaseline spiral. Examine your slide using the 4X objective lens before you add a coverslip. Can you see grey- green funnel shaped cells? If so, add a drop of Methyl cellulose to your preparation, and then carefully place the coverslip on your vaseline mount. Look for the mouth, oral groove, and food vacuoles. There is a large macronucleus , stretched out like a
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