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Bio Lab Wksht & HW Questions 33

Bio Lab Wksht & HW Questions 33 - 28 KINGDOM...

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28 KINGDOM ANIMALIA Part 1: Soft-Bodied Invertebrates A. Introduction: We begin our survey of the Animal Kingdom in this exercise by introducing you to many of the major phyla (and classes for the larger phyla) of invertebrates. In addition you will learn about four major branches in the animal phylogeny, which are used to group the animal phyla. Finally, you will examine the external and internal anatomy of a representative annelid, the earthworm. Please read pp. 638-655, pp. 626-627 of Campbell and Reece (2005) for background for today’s lab. Following the lab, you may find it useful to try related activities on the CD that came with your text, to prepare for quizzes and examinations. Laboratory Objectives: Representative specimens (occasionally only illustrations are available) of the groups listed below are displayed on the side and rear benches. Your goal is to become familiar with them in the following respects:
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